What is teachable

What is teachable ?

I want to tell you some more about this super option to generate income without being stuck to an office, a schedule or getting around through the traffic jam or using public transport every single day having a boring routine.

For real, my life project does not include having a full time office job, or maybe working the whole time, as you know I love traveling when I started traveling what I did to pay all my trips was working some time in my origin city in colombia I saved and in that way I could travel twice a year, one international trip and another inside my country. It really worked well, by that time, thats what I wanted to do, travel and come back home. However , things have changed, now I wish to live a different adventure, I want to move to leave the comfort zone, in order to do it, I have to prepare economically speaking, and that is one of our main concerns.

Today I want to introduce to you a new way to generate income doing what we like the most. Besides, we are doing what we are passionate about, we earn money for that, we can help more people to reach their goals, this is something really amazing. Yes, its very satisfying knowing that you can share your skills with others and when they put it into practice they will be closer to achieve their own goals. And you , yes, you ! you can be part of that achievement from others.

Without further delay, teachable is a digital platform where you can create your own course,yes, that is the skill you have. Which one ? you can wonder. Well, you can be good at taking pictures, other travelers know how to make delicious desserts. Some others know how to cook incredibly, Ive also found people who make their own clothes, amazing graphic designers and so many that are really good at speaking another language or some who love to be fit... among a million of more skills.

If you see yourself teaching the ability you have, you may wonder.. How can I create a course if Im not a teacher ? Teachable will help you in the whole process, itll guide you to have your own domain, how to develop the course until creating the quizzes or tests for your students. This platform is the most important in South America its content is in english, it is developed in a very easy way, because they will give you all the support, via email or video conference, also the topics they handle for the course are very good in its image. But especially you will be endorsed and helped to start a new way to generate income in an easy and fun way. Youll have your own business and you will learn to develop your course. With teachable its really easy, they offer beautiful templates and easy to work with. You set the price for the course and theyll help you advertising it. Easy and practical, right !

Im developing my course with them. Because I want to recommend something Im trying and in that way I can give you a good review for that reason in a few days Ill write some more about Teachable so you can feel more enthusiastic to start with this new opportunity to generate income in a free and fun way. Keep on traveling and getting to know more places...

What kind of course would you like to create with Teachable?

http://bit.ly/2S4ylB3This link will take you to start this new adventure

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