Tutoring online is a great way to get a monthly income, and PREPLY is one of the best places to do it. However, I am not going to tell you that it is an easy task, to get this opportunity you need to get a good attitude and overall you need to like to talk, you need to like to know new people and new cultures. What do you think? cool, isn't it? Well, maybe, you are thinking, who doesn't? But of course, if you are reading this is because you are the kind of person who is interested in that, you are the type of person who is looking for a good opportunity to get a job from home and go to travel wherever you want or explore new challenges.

Job4Travelers give you some tips that help you achieve your goals.

Let's talk about PREPLY

This is an online learning platform, in which students all around the world are looking for native speakers, the majority are adults, and usually, they have a good knowledge of the language. We are talking about English, but if you have a good level in one other different language is a really good plus for your profile as a tutor.

PREPLY is one of the best places to become a tutor because, they don't require from you a degree or a TELF, is not necessary any specific course either.

One of the great advantages of being part of PREPLY is as a tutor you can set your schedule, and you are free to create a lesson plan for the class and the material that you will use in it.

Please, be careful that your profile is completed, if not, they won't approve you as a tutor.

For being part of this great platform, you only need to sign up at this link and looking for the blue bottom BECOME A TUTOR and start to fill up all the information.

The process is very easy, only you need to prepare a video in advance.

Also, is important to encourage students to re-book for their class of course with you again.

Therefore, a good smile, good class material, be on time and something that really works for me is to use videos or material that really helps them to improve on skills they already have.

We are happy to help you with how to create a lesson plan, in a short time we will give you a good idea to do that, in order to improve your skills and give you a hand to do it better. Wait for it very soon.

In a previous blog, We talked about the video, for this, it is important to be calm and show confidence, but it isn’t necessary to make a large or complicated video, be yourself and speak slowly about your hobbies, your teaching method, and show them why they must choose you over the others, not native speakers? That's all.


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