They say that the common kite is the invention of the Chinese. Perhaps that is one reason why here in China, flying a kite is considered serious business. At first I was quite amused to see grown men devoting several hours of their precious time to this activity. They did it with a passion similar to what I observed among fishing enthusiasts when I lived in Eastern Europe. Whether they do it by themselves, alone with their thoughts, or among others, socializing together, both the fisherman and the kite flyer love what they do!

When it comes to flying a kite, it does not necessarily have to be a windy day to fly one. In fact, part of the skill of the kite operator is to patiently wait for that perfect gust of wind to lift the kite up into the air and then maneuver the kite into its ideal gliding position in the sky, which at times can be at a string distance of 1 km or more. Also, kite flying does not necessarily stop at nightfall. Some kite enthusiasts attach special lights to their kites and strings and launch their glowing wonders to light up the night's sky!

So the next time you visit China, make sure to sample the exciting culture of flying a kite!

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