Chinese Walnuts Anyone?

Are you suffering from arthritis or high blood pressure? Do you want to improve your memory or to quit smoking? The solution to all of the above could lie in using a pair of walnuts that I came across here in Beijing.

Now, the walnuts we are talking about are not the edible sort that youd want to crack open and snack upon with your beer. These walnuts actually have a much thicker and rougher shell than the edible ones, with a relatively small nut on the inside.

The key is to purchase a pair that are of the same size and texture and to simply twirl them in your hand when you go for a walk, as you try to memorize new Chinese words or to keep your hands occupied so as not to reach for a cigarette.

In order to benefit the joints more or to improve blood circulation, it is recommended to twirl the walnuts in such a manner so that they do not touch each other.


On the contrary, by squeezing harder on the rough texture of the walnuts, your body benefits from an excellent pressure point massage. When used regularly, the walnuts do not require special care because your hands naturally release oils that serve to moisturize the walnuts.

In fact, you can easily spot a habitual walnut user when his walnuts have a nice dark shine to them. If youre not so fanatical about using them, however, I would recommend applying some olive oil every few months so that they do not dry out, using an old toothbrush to spread the oil into the walnuts crevices.

Everything considered, by using these all-purpose walnuts will not only benefit your health, but will definitely make you look more Chinese!

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