Working as a translator gives you the freedom of your time the flexibility to earn enough money but without work 9 hours per day. Also, you can work for greats companies with a lot of benefits. How you can obtain this? Well, the idea is not to get money in an easy way, no, the idea is your work could be your dream job, working from wherever you want to, handle your schedule, but you need to be aware of you need some tools to get that and be a good worker. Job4travelers believe that this is possible if all of us dream big and work hard. Here some great tips to improve your skills and try something new.

The translator work has some very important steps it is not just about known a language and everything is alright. No is very important to be aware of the translation is about three vital steps. To translate, revision- edition and proofreading those steps are essential to do it beforehand delivered to the client. We need someone to read our translation that could be sometimes hard to find, but the idea someone different helps you to read it, but it is not possible with the following information we give a tool to help you do that.

However, we put together some tips to help you to make better your work as a translator and save precious time.


The idea is to expand your vocabulary, so a not read-only text or books about your field. The language is changing every day for that reason we need to check the old language, the traditional words and try to comprehend how it is developing a new language through the different subjects, even though those you think are not very interesting, on the other hand, no only academic texts maybe some magazines, newspapers or online articles.


Now you are reading a lot of different kinds of text and books so it is a great idea to make your own glossary and every day add those new words and try to make sentences in order to memorize those words. By reading newspapers or articles about the discoveries or the lately reported.


There are some companies looking for a specific translator. If you decided to translate for a specific subject as science, is essential to read more in the field you have chosen or you are an expert the objective is you have knowledge about the latest trends or the last news about it. Knowing the professional terminology, the law is constantly changing so it is very important to know all around the field that you have chosen. By reading newspapers or articles about the discoveries or the lately reported.


When you read other translations sentence by sentence is possible you find so many non-literal translations, the idea is you understand why is this non-literal and why sometimes there are some sentences that are necessary omitted or emphasized.


Thus an important aspect of your freelance translator job, but keep in mind there a million opinions about your translation, so be careful only to share your work with those you trust and value more. Anyway, now we find a web site where can help you to review your work star-ts This tool could be a good idea if you are a beginner in the translation world. Remember the practice make you better and better in the close future this tool could not be necessary.


The most important is the client be satisfied with your job as a translator so please review more than one your translation here are those aspects you should check.

  • The translated text is grammatically correct, no typos or misspellings.
  • The translated text is an accurate translation of its source text.
  • The translated text reads fluency to the target audience.
  • The translated text serves the same purpose as the source text.

We hope those tips above can help you to try a new job as a translator or improve you if you are a translator already.

There are so many opportunities, we need to change our minds to be more aware of the technology and how we can take advantage of it.

Spend time with our family waiting, for the moment we can return to our traveler life or maybe it is the moment we can turn out completely our life and restart with a new job as a freelance translation job.

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