Why Udreamjob?

First, let me tell you who we are and why we designed this website.

Our team is made up of web and software developers, web designers, traders, translators, online teachers, and adventurous people located in different parts of the world. We all regularly contribute up-to-date current knowledge and experiences to help put together this website and help others find the online job the best fits them.

We started this project because we were tired of office work, and while we have to admit that some in this team had pretty interesting office jobs as designers or web developers, some jobs were just boring and without a clear objective! To be honest, we all hate commuting everyday to an office, dealing with traffic and weather conditions, or even having to deal with eccentric workmates, it is so frustrating and tiring! Additionally, we all agree no matter what our job is, sometimes it feels like a routine - the endless circle of getting up early, driving to work or struggling with public transport, doing the same stuff 5 days a week 8 or more hours a day, heading back home, finding something to eat and then going to bed early so that you have enough energy for the next day. If you are satisfied with that routine, we are happy for you! And certainly that is one strategy for making money and trying to secure a stable future for yourself, nothing wrong with that – that’s what we are all striving for! But if you are trying to get out of this routine and willing to try something different then this website is for you…. Please read on!!

This website is a collection of online jobs that can be performed any time, anywhere if you have a computer with internet connection. The work options vary from: teaching a set curriculum, creating an online course, using your hobbies to earn money, and the amount you earn depends on your experience and the amount of time you want to invest working!

We call this “udreamjob” because some of us want something different, we want to explore new places, start new hobbies, try diverse food, meet interesting (sometimes crazy!) people, or even find love, but at the same time, we need to have a source of reliable income to support ourselves.

This is our first post, but it will not be our last! Stay tuned for new travelling and job experiences, stories (good and bad) of the places we have visited and the unique diverse people we have met along the way! We appreciate your support, comments, questions, feedback and ideas, and our sincere desire is that you also will find Udreamjob!

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Udreamjob we have gathered the jobs that you can perform from anywhere in the world.

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